Longer skirts on the summer horizon

7 Apr

This piece from today’s New York Times Style section is delightful. I love long skirts in the summer, paired with a lovely light scarf. The snows and muck of winter all gone,  and the feminine sway of lovely fabric as we walk……..

Calvin Klein long silk dress

As Days Grow Longer, So Do Hems

Published: April 6, 2011

FASHION happens by degrees. No banner headlines announce its arrival. (Make way for the mini! Salute the trapeze!) It appears by stealth, like the wisp of cloud that heralds summer showers.
So it was with longer hemlines. You scarcely saw them coming, then all at once they were descending on spring runways, breezing into cool boutiques and alighting on Manhattan streets well in advance of the season. First embraced a couple of years ago by fashion’s early adopters — young urbanites who flaunted maxidresses and flip-flops as an airy alternative to leggings and jeans — long skirts are now gaining traction as the most plainly discernible trend of spring.


Slideshow “Longer Hemlines Sweep the City Streets

Slideshow Elongating the Skirt


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