Zappos, THE ultimate online shoe experience

19 Apr

OK I confess. I love shoes almost as much (secretly, perhaps more) than I love shawls. Shoes are such a good friend. No matter what, they fit. We can eat whatever we want, exercise or not. They fit. Almost nothing makes a girl happier than buying a new pair of shoes.

Enter Zappo’s, the online shoe emporium. About 5 years ago, I began to realize that virtually all online shoe searches ended at Zappo’s. And then I realized that perusing the Zappo’s website was really enjoyable. So easy to navigate, shop and change my mind, shop again.

When I bought my first pair of shoes from Zappo’s, I was really sold on the company. No shipping charges either direction, overnight arrivals, 365 day return policy, and PERFECT customer updates and contact.

The article Why Is This Man Smiling?  from the New York Times Sunday styles section, provides insight into this unique, delightful, billion -dollar -in- sales company, whose motto is “delivering happiness“…….And they do!

Tony Hsieh, Zappo’s chief executive


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