NYC After the Hurricane

8 Nov

The New York Times published an article in the Style section ” When The Power Came Back, So Did the Crowds”.


This is a photo of the CRANE. This crane threatened midtown Manhattan for 6 days, dangling above 57th street like a gigantic deadly pendulum, waving in the 100mph winds the night that Hurricane Sandy hit the region. authorizes responded by evacuating the area in a wide swath of commercial and residential interests, including the 900 guests of the Parker Meridien Hotel.

South of 39th street, the flooding and winds, lack of electricity and heat created havoc, and basically divided the city into 2 parts. However, dislocation and confusion were everywhere nonetheless.

After holing up for 2 days, on Tuesday, hordes took to the streets in search of food (restaurants and markets were shuttered everywhere), and shopping opportunities ( lines formed in front of the Apple store and Bloomingdale’s). No one liked being captive for so long, and by Wednesday, the crowds were shopping in earnest! It looked like Black Friday, with shoppers toting multiple bags filled ith booty! Can’t keep a good shopper down!


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