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Italy Como Area Factory Visit

23 Jun

Sunday in Lake Como. Families, food, piazzas, relaxation before the work week begins tomorrow.
Below are photos of Pomodorino, a lovely restaurant in the medieval city of Como, just steps from the lake front.
Next is the Albergo Del Duca, a charming small hotel with a hopping pizza/ restaurant attached, facing the small and popular piazza Del Duca.
Everyone is out on the street meeting and greeting, strolling and enjoying.
Only bicycles, taxis, residents and service vehicles may drive within the walls of this part of the city. Beautiful brick pavers grace the old streets,









shawls hit the mainstream

26 May

The New York Times Thursday Styles section May 27th has a warm an fuzzy article on the versatility and popularity of shawls. <a href="
At Scialle, we certainly agree with that sentiment!
A scarf completes any outfit with panache, and the increasing demand for lovely and stylish scarves in every price category is evident in stores all over the country.
The interesting new take on scarves worn not only as neckwear, but also as halter tops, as belts, and other creative and charming accents to others very plain and simple outfits, brings a relatively inexpensive wardrobe expanded to one's wardrobe.
The proliferation of scarf offerings and exposure in the press has provided the American public with many images of this amazing fashion accessory, creating the impression that, as Steven Roberts of Echo says in the article, "I can do this". Yes, you can!

Scialle fall ’11 hand dyed lace trimmed scarf

4 Apr

This lightweight Italian hand-dyed lace trimmed stole is perfect for day to night. I love all the colors: charcoal, dusty blue, cocoa, khaki green, dusty lavender. The fall collection is now@

Spring 2011

31 Mar

Featherweight Italian cotton swirl print in turquoise or orange. Light and airy for those hot summer days. has fantastic spring and summer shawls for every occasion.

New Fall/Winter Collection

25 Oct