Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

22 Jun

Italy Notebook- The Heartbreak of Globalization

16 Jun

Williamsburg, Brooklyn- How to be Hip

2 May

WilliamsburgHenry Alford takes a trip to Brooklyn’s hottest spot, and reports-charmingly- on what he finds in the hotbed of Cooooooool!

The House of St. Laurent

18 Apr

With great fanfare, arguing and drama, Heidi Simane is now directing the house and legacy of Yves St. Laurent into its next incarnation. The New York Times profiles Mr. Slimane in an article today entitled “Mr. Provocative”

The Pied-a-Closet, the newest trend in NY real estate

7 Apr

A modern kitchen and well appointed bathrooms aren’t enough any more. High end NY real estate hunters are demanding commodious closet space. Last year, reports a NY Times article, a couple purchased a second apartment to accommodate their clothing. Hence, the pied- a- closet!