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#Gluten Free bakeries sprout up

6 Jun

As a follow-up to last Thursday’s gluten-free article, the New York Times Sunday Styles has profiled a number of career professionals (a corporate lawyer, a graphics artist business couple, and a high school Spanish teacher……to name a few), in an article entitled: Looking For Plan B? Make it Gluten-Free, by Hilary Stout.

All of these individuals found their way to a second career of opening a gluten-free bakery. The article is particularly interesting because of the diversity of the backgrounds of these individuals, and also their currently flourishing businesses during a downturn in the economy.

Gluten-free offerings were extremely scarce a decade ago, when we began to search for wheat alternatives. Finding a rice based pasta made in Canada filled a large gap. Small additions came along slowly. Then last year, the gluten-free baking business seemed to explode. At one point, I was told by a “team member” at Whole Foods, that gluten-free baked goods were their fastest growing category. It is thrilling to see so many diverse offerings in this area, as so many people are gluten intolerant.